Utilities Regulation

large power line tower with strange yellow glow in an otherwise blue sky

Wyoming Utility Regulation Law

Hickey & Evans has a large and active regulated utility practice. The firm represents businesses that supply gas, electricity, telephone, and pipeline services to communities in the state.

The attorneys represent clients in regulatory matters before the Public Service Commission of Wyoming. They handle matters related to rate and transmission contracts, permitting, and approvals. They assist clients with licensing and certification process. They are able to act for clients in any utility regulation issue.


Deep Experience

Paul Hickey, O’ Kelley Pearson, and Roger Fransen have been involved in utility regulation matters for many years. They have developed an uncommon depth of knowledge of utilities law and of agency regulations and policies. They are able to position their clients to the best advantage because of their understanding of the procedures required by regulatory agencies. Whatever the issue, they are able to provide utility and telecommunication companies with a full range of legal counsel and representation.

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